Embracing Self-Sufficiency: Independence, Sustainability, and Personal Growth

Is Being Self-Sufficient a Good Thing?

The word self sufficient invokes images of hairy rawhide-clad mountain men wrangling salmon in the wilderness. Fortunately, self-sufficiency doesn’t have to be so extreme or exotic.

People who are self sufficient enjoy independence. They are able to cope with disappointments, crises, and the twists of fate that life sometimes throws their way.


Self sufficiency can mean less dependency on the system and more control over your lifestyle. It can also be a more environmentally sustainable way to live. Many people want to make this change due to shocking statistics about the ecological destruction and climate change we are causing. They also want to reduce their impact on the environment and get back in touch with nature.

Those who are self sufficient can take their needs into their own hands, growing and making things themselves rather than buying them. This can save money, give a sense of achievement and help to build confidence and independence. It is not always possible to be completely self sufficient but even small steps are a good start.

Many people who are self sufficient have a strong inner sense of well being. They can be more stoical and philosophical about negative life events and are more likely to bounce back. They are more likely to be authentic too, not playing roles in order to gain approval or respect. This may mean being honest about whether they like something or not. This can be a difficult quality to develop but it is one of the best ways to build trust and relationships. They also tend to be more generous with their time and money, which is a great trait for anyone to have.


Whether you want to take less of a toll on the environment with your lifestyle, want to eat in a sustainable manner, or simply wish to get back in touch with what it means to be a human, self-sufficient living is the way to go. It takes a lot of work and commitment but once you have the skills it can be very rewarding.

It’s also good for the environment as it reduces resource waste and keeps you closer to your local resources and communities. Growing your own food, repurposing materials, recycling, composting and using renewable energy all contribute to reducing your ecological footprint.

Another benefit is that self-sufficient living gives you a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment that can help to establish strong mental wellness. Mending and repairing clothes instead of throwing them away extends their life and prevents buying new items that have been made unsustainably.

People who are self sufficient tend to be more authentic in their relationships. They are less likely to play roles and more willing to be honest even if it may be unpleasant for the other person. Their inner sense of stability and wholeness mean they are often stoical in the face of negative events, but can also bounce back quickly.


Self sufficient people can be independent and able to live on their own. They are able to do without most things that other people consider necessities. These people can even survive if something unexpected happens like an illness, job loss or other disaster. They aren’t afraid to take on challenges and can learn from them.

They can also be content with their own company and enjoy solitude to a normal degree. They don’t need expensive possessions or status to make them feel good about themselves. They are more likely to find satisfaction with their own achievements rather than needing to get recognition from others.

These people also value sustainability. They know that they need to live within their means and limit their impact on the environment. This may include growing their own vegetables or using a solar panel for energy. It could also include mending or repairing their clothes rather than throwing them away when they are worn out.

They are able to save money and not need to borrow from banks or other financial institutions. This is a great way to build financial independence and become more self sufficient. They may also be able to make extra income by selling their honey, eggs, meat and other homemade goods.

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